Planning for retirement

When it comes to planning for your retirement, where your income will come from when you finally leave the workforce is only part of the picture. It is also important to understand your expenses and the type of lifestyle you want.

You should start to think about your plans for retirement, and the resources you will need to make those plans a reality.

Keep in mind that the greatest risk most of us face in retirement is outliving our savings, and many of us will find that we simply don't have enough money to do the things we want. That's why it's so important to make sure you're taking advantage of strategies that could grow your savings. The financial planning team at StatePlus you with:

  • money to live on. A StatePlus financial planner can help you put together a plan for replacing your salary once you stop working. Your income in retirement is likely to come from a combination of sources, such as retirement income streams, social security and investment earnings.
  • managing your tax. A StatePlus financial planner can show you different strategies to reduce the amount of tax you're paying, while significantly boosting your super savings.
  • social security. Understanding the complexity of the social security system is difficult. With the right financial plan and investment structure in place you may be eligible for social security support.
  • ongoing support. As you get older, your needs may change. At the same time, taxation, social security and superannuation legislation are also constantly evolving.  It's worthwhile remembering that many people considering retirement today will be retired for more than 25 years, so ongoing support and regular reviews of your situation are a vital part of your long-term planning.

Professional financial planning advice from StatePlus can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals now and in the future. As a SASS member, you and your family will have access to a range of services from over-the-phone advice to face-to-face meetings with a professional financial planner. Advice relating to your State Super Scheme is provided at no cost. Fees may apply for advice on matters outside of your State Super Scheme.

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