General Counsel and Company Secretary

Allan Parapuram

Mr Parapuram provides State Super with legal and governance counsel, overseeing the legal and governance framework and secretarial matters of the Board.

Mr Parapuram is a member of the Police Superannuation Advisory Committee which determines entitlement to medical discharge for members of the NSW Police Force under the Police Superannuation Scheme, and a member of the State Super/StatePlus Steering Group, the central reference point for the oversight and management of the StatePlus relationship.

Mr Parapuram has held senior legal roles at State Super for the last six and a half years and was previously Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance at Qantas Superannuation. He has more than twenty years’ experience in superannuation and financial services law, trustee and investment governance, audit and compliance and risk management in financial services generally. Mr Parapuram holds a current legal practising certificate, a Master of Laws, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Bachelor of Economics.