State Authorities Superannuation Scheme
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Make the most of your State Super benefit

Ensuring you're on track with your super savings will help you enjoy the retirement you want. Start preparing now by attending a seminar.

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For deferred members

StatePlus pre-retirement seminars

Attend a StatePlus seminar to learn more about retiring and planning for retirement before you decide to retire.

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Important information about SASS

Is your investment strategy still meeting your needs?

Not sure? The SASS Investment Section provides access to information about our investment strategies, investment performance and investment choice.

Will changing your work arrangements affect your super?

Purchasing leave, working part-time, taking leave without pay or long service leave can affect your super. Find out how before you make any decisions.…

Maximising your employer-financed benefit

Increase the value of your employer-financed benefit at retirement by increasing your personal contributions now (up to 9% p.a.).
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