The Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS) was designed for members to retire at a specific age (which is age 60 and is known as the normal retirement age). The normal retirement benefit payable at a member's normal retirement age is a retirement pension. All or part of a normal retirement pension can be commuted to a lump sum.

While the normal retirement age is 60, members may retire from 55 (called early voluntary retirement) and receive a reduced pension. Members can commute all or part of an early voluntary retirement to a lump sum.

If a member resigns or is dismissed prior to retirement age, they can choose to leave their entitlement deferred in the scheme instead of receiving a lump sum payment (the resignation or dismissal withdrawal benefit). The value of the deferred benefit is generally higher than the immediate resignation or dismissal benefit, as it includes an employer-financed component.

Benefits are also payable in the event of invalidity or death, depending on whether the member was hurt on duty (HOD) or not hurt on duty (NHOD).