Milestones on the road to retirement

If you're like most people, your super is one of your largest assets outside the family home. You want to ensure you're maximising opportunities to grow your super savings so you can afford the lifestyle you want when you finally retire. Ultimately, it's all about making sure you're invested in the most suitable way, given your tolerance for market volatility and the length of time your money will be invested before you need to access it.

So what are some of the key milestones to keep in mind?

Ten years from retirement: If retirement is 10 years away (or longer), you may find you have a higher tolerance for market volatility and are prepared to accept higher investment risk for potentially higher returns. If markets fall, your money may still have sufficient time to recover before you need to access it. At this stage, you should consider wealth accumulation and investment strategies that will help you grow your savings, depending on your individual and lifestyle objectives. If you're still contributing to SASS, you should review your savings progress to ensure that you'll optimise the size of your employer - financed benefit.

Five years or less to retirement: At this point, you should revisit your investment strategy annually. As retirement gets closer, your appetite for market volatility and your need for capital preservation – rather than capital growth – are likely to change. If you're invested in a higher-risk Growth Strategy, you should consider whether this is still the most appropriate option for you. Think about what you want to achieve in retirement. Understanding yourself and what you want to achieve in this upcoming phase of life are essential prerequisites to a successful financial plan.

Deciding what's right for you

Aware Super is available to provide you and your family members with expert financial planning advice. A financial planner from Aware Super can help you review your investment strategy, and choose the most suitable strategy for your circumstances.

As a SASS member, you and your family will have access to a range of services from over-the-phone advice to face-to-face meetings with a professional financial planner.

How much will I pay?

At Aware Super there’ll be no surprises when it comes to what you pay. The fee you pay will reflect the advice you actually need and the level of service that you want.

Your first appointment with a planner is without cost or obligation. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and confirm your understanding of how your scheme works, how any change to your working conditions such as working part time or taking long service leave can have an impact on your super. It’ll also give you an overview of how the broader retirement system works, and the opportunities and tax benefits of staying within super through retirement.

If you would like the planner to provide you with a financial plan tailored to your unique situation and goals, then a fee will apply, and that will be discussed with you before any work is commenced.

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