About SASS

How SASS works

Your benefits

SASS is a 'split benefit' scheme. Your final SASS benefit is made up of the following components:

In addition to the SASS benefit, you will be entitled to the basic benefit under the State Authorities Non-contributory Superannuation (SANCS) scheme, which may also include:

The importance of your contributions

Members of SASS must contribute between 1% and 9% of their salary to the scheme. These contributions – and the earnings on them – make up the personal account part of a member's benefit.

In simple terms, these personal contributions 'buy' you employer-financed contributions via the benefit points system. Each 1% of personal contributions you make to your scheme in a year (up to a limit*) adds an additional 2.5%^ of your final average salary to your end retirement benefit. Depending on various factors – including your level of contributions and length of service – the additional benefits can be worth many thousands of dollars.

*You can accrue a maximum average of six benefit points in a year and most members have a lifetime maximum of 180 benefit points. Former members of the State Public Service Superannuation Fund (SPSSF) have a lifetime maximum of 162 benefit points if retiring at age 55, or 180 if retiring at or after age 58.

^ Approximately 2.12% after the reduction for the tax on employer contributions payable by the Fund since 1 July 1988. Employer-financed benefits attributed to membership prior to 1 July 1988 do not attract contributions tax.

Additional insurance coverage

You may have the option of applying for additional invalidity and death cover. This additional cover is payable on top of the standard benefits paid to contributing members where retirement is due to total and permanent invalidity or death before the normal retirement age.

The additional benefit aims to make up the difference between the current benefit and the benefit you would have received if you continued in your current employment until you reached the normal retirement age. For more information please refer to the Additional invalidity and death cover page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless specified, the SASS features discussed on this site are the standard features set out in the scheme's governing legislation. Some features vary for certain members who transferred into SASS from earlier closed schemes. These variations include a different retirement age and employer-financed benefit value, and the availability of a pension option. Your own entitlements are detailed in the SASS Annual Benefit Statement we send you towards the end of each year.