Scheme Legislation

STC complies with Commonwealth legislation on superannuation and specific NSW Government legislation that applies to its schemes. The following legislation applies to each of STC's schemes.

State Superannuation Scheme (SSS)

Superannuation Act 1916

Superannuation Regulation 2016

State Authorities Superannuation Scheme (SASS)

State Authorities Superannuation Act 1987

State Authorities Superannuation Regulation 2020

Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS)

Police Regulation (Superannuation) Act 1906

Police Superannuation Regulation 2020

State Authorities Non-contributory Superannuation Scheme (SANCS)

State Authorities Non-contributory Superannuation Scheme Act 1987

State Authorities Non-Contributory Regulation 2020

The SAS Trustee Corporation (STC) has discretion in relation to a number of sections of the Acts. In this regard, STC has formulated a STC policy register to assist the relevant decision maker in applying the Acts in a consistent manner.